What owners say:

'A very nice well built property'

'Thank you very much for a lovely home'

'I am extremely happy with my new home; it's everything I could have asked for'

'The designer and builder went to a lot of trouble with finishing touches'

'Cost of electricity has significantly reduced in this property to what we have spent in previous homes'

'Very comfortable, ideal with a young child, great location, close to shop/post office bus routes etc'

'It's so much better than our last house. We like the feel, style, garden, everything about it.'

'A lot of inside space for your money. Lovely and light, so quiet and warm'

What our housing partners have said:

'the developer has shown a genuine commitment to delivery of a quality product' Orkney Housing Association 2009.

'Working with St. Mary's Housing on this design and build project was a pleasure. They took on board our suggestions and requirements to produce an extremely high quality end product within the required timescales and on budget. We do not hesitate to recommend them and will certainly use them again where possible.' Orkney Housing Association 2011

In 2019 we asked homeowners to complete a survey which gave the following results:

99% satisfaction with their new home

100% satisfaction with the overall performance of St Mary's Housing from initial enquiry to the first year of occupancy