The style of architecture has been influenced by the local vernacular of Orkney and in particular the traditional cottage often associated with the Islands. This results in windows equidistant from the front door providing a balanced and classically proportioned front elevation that is pleasing to the eye.

We are committed to delivering homes that have quality built in. We have assembled a tremendous group of tradesmen who have consistently shown pride and skill in their workmanship. We deal in top name brands that have become household names for good reason: Dimplex, Armitage Shanks and Nordan to name a few. This gives assurance that if spares or replacements are ever needed you are dealing with internationally recognised companies, with proven track records who have researched and developed their products to ensure they fit the bill with after sales to match.

We have developed an efficient management structure to monitor quality through regular inspections and on site meetings, we ensure investment in training and resources takes place, we regularly seek feedback from clients and tradesmen alike, and we pay close attention to detail. A spirit of co-operation is actively encouraged amongst the team members and we have fostered a good working relationship with external agencies because we know by working together we can build a better house.