The Orkney Islands are a sensational archipelago with wild energetic seascapes, deserted white sandy beaches, striking sunsets and golden fields of barley. Sure, the weather can sometimes be wild, but when these remarkable Islands choose to enchant they rarely fail to captivate.

Orkney offers a wonderfully relaxed pace of life and a unique setting that continues to inspire and nurture a quality of life that sets it apart from other regions in the UK.

There are no fewer than thirteen nature reserves on Orkney, testament to the extraordinary richness of wildlife.

Sailing, kayaking, surfing, diving and fishing are all water sports readily available. For those who prefer dry land golf, walking, climbing and cycling are all popular and eager enthusiasts are never far away with helpful advice.

The modern Pickaquoy Centre (pronounced Pekie) offers a comprehensive sporting arena encompassing all indoor activities from rock-wall climbing , badminton, football, basketball, and top notch gym facilities. Fitness suites offer saunas and steam rooms and the purpose built all weather running and sports fields lie outside. The cafe provides good value food and the cinema complex that rests inside the centre to provide one of the most popular facilities in Orkney. Click on

Kirkwall town