Our development site is located in St Mary's, Holm, Orkney, KW17 2RR.

The village of St. Mary's where our new houses are situated is in Orkney, a sensational group of Islands that lie to the north of Scotland, offering an abundance of fresh air, a great quality of life and wonderful countryside. Strong communities and low crime rates are matched with excellent healthcare facilities and good schools. Fine sports facilities and music playing to the heart of local traditions, mild winter climates and a thriving arts scene all combine to make Orkney an ideal location to live and work.

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St. Mary's name originates from an ancient Chapel whose site is now lost, and its oldest building, the Storehouse dates back to 1649. In the 18th Century St. Mary’s was a bustling herring station and the old stone pier, still very much in use today, was a link to the southern isles of Orkney until the advent of the Churchill Barriers which now let modern traffic swiftly cross from one island to another, weather permitting. The natural setting of St. Mary’s lends itself to south facing panoramic views of the coastline and there are some fine circular walks around the village and an abundance of wildlife. A freshwater loch, the Loch of Ayre, nestles on the Western approach to the settlement and is a favoured spot for ornithologists, and the remnants of ancient Broch can be seen close by. Kirkwall, the main settlement in Orkney, is only a 15 minute drive away and a regular bus service operates along the route. St. Mary’s is served by a popular convenience store and a friendly Post Office. The attractive Commodore Hotel provides a warm welcome to families and is the focal point of live music and community events.