The new Balfour Hospital opened in the summer of 2019 and provides Orkney with a first class medical establishment, encompassing 64 beds all with private facilities and two operating theatres this stunning building, on the outskirts of Kirkwall, has resident consultants and a full range of medical support teams.  A 'roving' Doctor is on hand 24 hours a day in a fully equipped all terrain vehicle, as well as a dedicated group of airman and flying paramedics who are on call 365 days a year. If it's serious these respected professionals will have you en-route to one of the major hospitals within the hour. More routine transfers take place on scheduled air services (covered by the NHS) and Orcadians enjoy continued investment, and quick no fuss access to comprehensive healthcare, which includes a recently opened NHS 24 staffed by local nurses responding to local needs. 

St. Andrews Primary School, opened in 1995, is located 4 miles north of the village of St. Mary’s and presents a modern and well equipped school with class ranges from primary one to primary seven. A nursery is available for children over 3 years old. Inside there’s a computer room, library, art and crafts base and outside a weather station, garden and play areas all surrounded by acres of grass. It's a well respected and popular school and St. Mary’s village is in the catchment area. Check out The primary school had a brand new extension with associated facilities constructed in 2021. 

For information on Kirkwall Grammar Secondary School go to Situated in the heart of Kirkwall it’s conveniently placed and attracts a dedicated and talented group of teachers.