Orkney is an industrious and thriving economic region, a powerhouse of ingenuity and resourcefulness with exports ranging from fine jewellery to fantastic seafood. With long established expertise in the refinery of fossil fuels and a growing renewable energy sector Orkney enjoys a buoyant but stable economic backcloth in which to do business.

The collection of islands that make up Orkney are around 53 miles long north to south. This Atlantic Archipelago lies only 6 miles from the Scottish Mainland, and is home to around 20,000 people. Kirkwall the main settlement in Orkney has a population of around 6,000 and is the economic centre of the community.

For such a northerly latitude Orkney has a surprisingly mild climate; frost and snow are rare in Winter and the weather is greatly influenced by the seas, and in particular the interaction between the warm Atlantic and cool North Sea which can create bewildering micro-climates from one island to another. With low undulating landscapes the winds can indeed be strong; however Orkney enjoys invigorating crisp clear air and endless summer nights.

Top range leisure facilities, excellent schools, comprehensive health care and a thriving arts scene continue to make Orkney a reassuring and inspiring destination for individuals and families.

With a proud heritage and an ability to adapt and embrace new technology Orkney's greatest resource, it’s people, make these islands a dynamic and fulfilling pace to live and work.